Easy market and competitive analysis

The WETTBEWERBSRADAR facilitates and accelerates market and competitive analysis. Market and competitive information from the most different sources can be collected automated or manually in the database. The results are presented in portraits of the markets and competitors, which can be used for analyses of strengths/weaknesses, market potential ect.

With the WETTBEWERBSRADAR, competitor profiles can be compiled and product data can be evaluated and compared with each other.

Besides a newsticker, there is the possibility of saving and sharing documents concerning the competitors. From that, a flexible database accrues continually, which is accessed throughout the enterprise. Simultaneous to the competitive profiling, the competitive intelligence assistant observes the strengths and weaknesses profile of the competing products and the modification activities of the competitors on their websites in the internet.

The Tool offers you:

the dynamic adjustment of the data structure to your needs

the autonomous extension of the data fields

the integration of a newsticker for competition news

differentiated rights management for read/write rights (country manager, product manager, general management)

management lights for a quick overview with early warning system

top lists of i.e. high-sales products

multiple analysis options like portfolio or SWOT-analysis or support of the balanced score card

presentation of the results in dynamic charts, schedules and diagrams

A reduced cockpit allows the distribution channels or the product management to view the relevant competitive data and to optimize their own offer. Like that, important information is managed centrally, but can be used by all relevant areas within the enterprise.

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