Marketing Intelligence: Competitive comparisons, Marketing informations, Consumer insights

Systematic market analysis and competitive analysis for your company, tailored to your needs and to support work processes.



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Keep an eye on your competition with the competition Radar

Take the opportunity to aggregate activities and information about your competitors. Evaluate and analyse them in detail with the help of our COMPETITION RADAR.

Webinar 22.11.2018

You will receive a basic introduction to the market analysis and competitive analysis and can ask questions via chat. We also offer a first insight into our software. The webinar is free - subscribe today! more


Schöck Bauteile GmbH setzt im Marketing-Controlling und Event-Management auf den MANAGEMENT MONITOR

Lesen Sie hier, wie die Schöck Bauteile GmbH erfolgreich den Kampagnenplaner im Unternehmen eingeführt hat und neben dem Marketing-Controlling auch das Event-Management optimiert hat. more

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"CEO and marketing management must be fully informed about the current situation in their company and its target markets"

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Marketing intelligence with the MANAGEMENT MONITOR