Your company is to remain competitive and future-proof?

Utilize the COMPETITION RADAR for market analysis and competitive analysis and as a basis for your strategic planning.

Competition analysis and product comparisons

Accumulate and analyze the following information about your competitors in the COMPETITOR RADAR company-wide:


  • Competitors
  • Markets, market segments and market shares of competitors
  • Features of  competing products
  • Service offerings of competitors
  • Distribution channels of competitors
  • Price structure of the competition
  • Marketing communications in relevant markets
  • Customers of competitors
  • Strengths and weaknesses of competitors and competing products
  • Market potential analyses or market attractiveness analysis
MANAGEMENT MONITOR competition analysis
Competition analysis with the competition radar

User perspective

Would you like to know the following about your competitors?

Chief executives and persons in authority in marketing, product management, market research, and sales departments should have a profound knowledge of the current situation in their company and developments of competitors and markets.

  • On which markets are competitors present?
  • Which products or brands are offered by competitors on country level and market segment level?
  • Which strengths and weaknesses does the competition have at the respective markets and products?
  • How does the competition communicate and through which channels or media?
  • What is the sales structure of competitors in respective markets?
  • Which sales activities are conducted by the competition?
  • What is the size of the market share of competitors in relevant market segments?
  • Which price policy is pursued by competitors in respective markets?
  • Which market cultivating strategy is pursued by competitors on country level and market segment level?

Your benefit by using Competition Analysis

  • supports in developing a competitor database with integrated comparison and analysis function and the possibility of website monitoring
  • enables permanent monitoring of competitors and provides a perfect fact basis for internal strategy development and planning

We help you to compile information from different corporate divisions and databases. Important key performance indicators will be collected in reports to provide a perfect overview for decision makers.


By applying our Marketing Intelligence solution you will gain the following benefits:

  • Strengths and weaknesses analyses of your competitors
  • Battle Card for sales argumentation
  • Market potential analyses and market attractiveness analyses
  • Customizing and branch-specific competitor profiles
  • Central accumulation of important competitor information
  • Complexity reduction of competitive analyses
  • Add-on complementary to existing inhouse-systems
  • Can be hosted optionally in your company (Intranet) or at ours
  • Can be operated optionally as licence or software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Analysis results can be directly transferred to the Campaign Planner

Our products for your Competition Analysis

What our products can do

  • Creation of individual and branch-specific competitor profiles
  • Easy usage via browser
  • Complexity reduction of the competition analysis
  • Accumulates centrally the most important competitor information