Organize your market and competitor information company-wide with the MANAGEMENT MONITOR and analyze your relevant markets and competitors world-wide with the COMPETITOR RADAR.

Market Analysis

Organize and analyze the following information about your relevant markets company-wide with the COMPETITOR RADAR:

  • Size of the markets
  • Market segments
  • Market developments and trends
  • Market opportunities
  • Market threats
  • Market potential analyses
  • Market attractiveness


Market Intelligence


Our marketing dashboard provides an overview of the most important key performance indicators of respective markets. Get an insight of the current market situation and analyze progresses in different market segments. Inform yourself about the most important market developments and trends in order to understand and take in account opportunities and threats for your company. Along with market potential and attractiveness analyses you will be able to lay a foundation for your marketing planning.

MANAGEMENT MONITOR market analysis
Market research by clear market comparisons

User Perspective

This software will help you to answer the following key questions:

Chief executives and persons in authority in marketing, marketing planning, product management, sales and business development sales departments should have a profound knowledge of the current situation in their company and target markets.

This software will help you to answer the following key questions:

  • What is the size of a market segment in a respective country market?
  • How large is the market size in a market segment in a country market and what market potential has it?
  • What is the market size and market potential for a specific product or field of application in a country?
  • In which markets have competitors more power than us?
  • What is the development of raw material prices?
  • What are the most important market trends which influence our business?
  • In which markets are we able to establish our price policy?
  • In which sales region are we able to reach our targeted figures with sales of “old” products?

Your benefit by using Market Analysis


  • Our Marketing Intelligence solution will support you in creating a market and competitor database including a comparison function and possibility of website monitoring.
  • The COMPETITOR RADAR allows companies to permanently monitor their relevant markets.


We help you to process information from different corporate divisions and databases and to compile important key performance indicators in reports to provide a perfect overview for decision makers.

By applying our Marketing Intelligence solution you will gain the following benefits:

  • Overview of markets, competitors, products, distribution channels and customers worldwide
  • Strengths and weaknesses analyses of competitors or products
  • Market potential analyses or market attractiveness analyses for markets and market segments
  • Customizing along with branch-specific competition profiles and market profiles
  • Support of worldwide information accumulation of markets and competition
  • Central data accumulation and data access via intranet
  • Easy application via browser
  • Continuous comparability of data, standardizing of marketing information company-wide
  • Early warning system informs you about critical results
  • Organizing of studies and documents in a database
  • Simultaneous database access from any place within the company along with authorization administration
  • Competitive advantage by faster accessibility of needed analyses
  • Benchmarking with performant corporate divisions or competitors
  • Our Marketing Intelligence Tool is able to display the following analyses
    • Market potential analysis
    • Market trends
    • Market opportunities
    • Market threats
    • Market attractiveness

Our products for your Market Analysis

What our products can do

  • Individual and branch-specific competition and market profiles
  • Easy and browser based application
  • Simplification of market and competition analyses
  • Central accumulation of important marketing information in a database
  • Is able to complement existing inhouse-systems as add-on