Analyze and compare price information company-wide with the MANAGEMENT MONITOR

Easy price analysis

Information of different corporate divisions and databases needs to be processed to provide an appropriate overview for the product and price management. The COMPETITOR RADAR will support you in this point. The software’s price comparison function provides clear reports with information about price recommendations, street prices, net and gross prices, prices of different distribution channels, etc. The price analysis can be used complementary to sales argumentation.


MANAGEMENT MONITOR price monitoring
Price analysis with the competition radar

User perspective

Would you like to find answers to the following questions?

  • What is the development of your prices in comparison to competition prices during a specific period?
  • In which market or over which distribution channel are you able to realize a specific price policy?
  • What is the own price policy compared to the competition?
  • Which offers consist of which performance components (price-performance ratio)?
  • How are you able to react quickly to price fluctuations?

Your benefit by using price analysis


Complementary to the Product Analysis the COMPETITOR RADAR is able to display the competing marketing mix: communication activities, service offerings, packaging, sales and many more.


  • Central storage of developments of competing price and own prices
  • Display of list prices, assumed prices and street prices
  • Display of price discounts
  • Monitoring of price recommendations with an early warning system
  • Data filtering of products, markets, shops and time periods
  • Price level modelling (manufacturer price to retailer price)
  • Graphical processing of data
  • Generating of PowerPoint-, PDF-, Excel-Sheets


Accumulation and archiving of your own prices and competitor’s prices with analysis of

  • Countries
  • Product groups
  • Competitors
  • Brands
  • Shops
  • Periods
  • Performance unit
  • Currencies

Our products for your Price Comparison

What our products can do

  • Individual and branch-specific competitor profiles, product and price profiles
  • Easy usage via browser
  • Complexity reduction of market analysis
  • Central storage of important marketing and price information
  • Is able to complement existing inhouse-systems as add-on