Compare your products with competitor’s offerings with the COMPETITOR RADAR and provide your sales force with sales argumentation.

Easy Product Analysis and Product Comparison

The COMPETITOR RADAR will help you with Product Analyses and Product Comparisons:

  • Easy and convenient product comparisons of competing offers with own products.
  • Ratings and comments of product comparisons for internal communication.
  • Several competing products can be compared with the own offerings in detail.
  • Creation of individual product profiles and data fields can be adjusted flexibly.
  • Data can be collected and used by different divisions simultaneously (i.e. R&D, marketing, sales).
  • Product comparisons provide online reports to the sales force.
MANAGEMENT MONITOR product comparison
Product analysis and product comparisons

User perspective

This software will help you to answer the following key questions:

Product managers and sales persons should have a profound knowledge of the current competitive situation, about their products, and competing products. With this software you are able to compare your own products with competing products and to refine your products strategically. The software will also provide sales arguments to the sales department.

  • What are weaknesses of our product compared to the competition?
  • How are we able to cope with strengths of competing products?
  • What are strengths of our product compared to the competition?
  • With which sales arguments are we able to emphasize our strengths?
  • Which new products were launched in the last 12 months by our competitors?
  • What is the current life cycle stage of our product or competing product?
  • What is the development of our product prices and competing product prices?
  • Which price level can be achieved on which markets?
  • What are strengths of our competing products and how are we able to cope with them in concern of product development and service?
  • Which product innovations can be useful to ensure our market position?
  • How are we able to refine our products future-oriented and strategically?
  • Which trends and technologies already exist at our relevant markets? How are we able to react to them with our products?

Your benefit by using Product Comparison


  • The COMPETITOR RADAR is able to support you in creating a product database with comparison functions and the possibility of website monitoring of your competitor’s website.
  • The COMPETITOR RADAR enables permanent monitoring and development of your products


By applying our Marketing Intelligence solution you will gain the following benefits:

  • Compare and evaluate product features of your own products and competing products.
  • Strengths and weaknesses analyses and portfolio analyses.
  • Monitoring of market developments i.e. during product launches and product innovations.
  • Strengths and weaknesses analyses can be complemented by opportunities and threats analyses and combined to a SWOT.
  • Processing of sales arguments to help the sales department in sales talks and therefore enhances turnover.

Along with the Product Analysis competition’s marketing mix can be displayed by the COMPETITOR RADAR:

  • Communication activities
  • Service offers
  • Packaging
  • Distribution channels and distribution strategy
  • Delivery deadlines
  • Sales and many more


Our products for your Competition Analysis

What our products can do

  • Individual and branch-specific competitor profiles, product profiles and market profiles
  • Easy usage via browser
  • Complexity reduction of market, product, and competition analyses
  • Central storage of important marketing information
  • Is able to complement existing inhouse-systems as add-on