Get an overview of the current market situation, trends, opportunities and threats.
Plan on basis of this data your market and marketing activities with our MANAGEMENT MONITOR.

Strategic marketing analysis and marketing planning

The software supports you in the following marketing tasks:

  • Quarterly and annual reports of the market development with time series displays
  • Differentiated reports for country markets and market segments with consideration of competitive developments
  • Detailed competition analysis with product comparisons and marketing campaigns
  • Target group analyses and customer insights
  • Toolset of standard analyses i.e. portfolio analysis, SWOT analysis, strengths and weaknesses analysis, positioning analysis etc.
  • Planning reports with projections and forecasts
  • Generating of PowerPoint, PDF and Excel spreadsheets for your reports or meetings
  • Dynamic ad hoc reports via filtering functions
  • Differentiated right management generates function-oriented access rights
MANAGEMENT MONITOR strategic analysis
Strategic analysis with the MANAGEMENT MONITOR

User perspective

This software will support you in your strategic marketing analysis and planning:

  • What is the development and current situation in the markets?
  • What is the development of our competitor’s market situation?
  • Which market and consumer trends can be identified and how should the company react to these?
  • Which future activities are useful in individual markets?
  • What is our targeted market share and how do we allocate our budget?

Your benefit by using Strategic Analysis

Support in strategic analyses and planning by reporting

  • Convenient access to important information in a database
  • Company-wide information system for you and your colleagues inland and abroad
  • Data collection decentralized through different divisions
  • Reporting for meetings and reports for the management level
  • Reports as a basis for marketing planning
  • Ad hoc analyses
  • Diverse analysis tools i.e. portolio analyses, SWOT analyses, positioning analyses etc.

Our products for your strategic analysis

What our products can do

  • Individual and branch-specific market analyses
  • Toolset of standard analyses (i.e. portolio, SWOT, strengths and weaknesses, positioning, etc.)
  • Easy usage via browser
  • Complexity reduction of actual state analysis
  • Support in planning with approval scheme
  • Central storage of important marketing information
  • Is able to complement existing inhouse-systems as add-on