Plan and control your activities with the Campaign planner. Keep the marketing activities of your competitors in sight.

This is what the Marketing and Campaign Planner can do

Our MARKETING AND CAMPAIGN PLANNER provides two important functions:

  • Planning of your own marketing activities and campaigns for international markets and any business fields, product groups and target groups.
  • Accumulation and archiving of competition campaigns with filtering functions by countries, product groups, competitors, brands, advertising instruments, media channels, target groups, etc.

How you will use the software is up to you. You can use the planner only internally for your own business, or use it only as an archive of competitive campaigns. Or even both.

MANAGEMENT MONITOR campaign planner

The following functions are provided by the MARKETING AND CAMPAIGN PLANNER

Planning of you marketing activities

With our planning tool you will be able to create and coordinate your annual marketing planning together with your national and international colleagues or the product management. The system provides the following functionalities:
  • Central administration of campaign data in the media database: graphical documents, briefing, concepts and more
  • Central marketing calendar with different view possibilities (i.e. instruments, product launches, countries, target groups)
  • Workflow support for campaign and budget releases
  • Management actual/plan budget: dynamic calculation of sub totals and sum totals
  • Management actual/plan KPI for campaign success (i.e. contact numbers, turnover)
  • Processing of data in graphics, charts, diagrams with dynamic filtering function (by countries, target groups, product groups)
  • Administration of the media plan
  • Generating of PowerPoint, PDF, Excel spreadsheets
  • Currency function
  • Multilingualism
  • User model with individual viewing and editing rights

Accumulation, analysis, and monitoring of competition campaigns

With the CAMPAIGN PLANNER you are able to accumulate competitor’s campaigns within the system and to make them accessible company-wide.

The software provides the following functionalities:

  • Central storage of competitor campaign data in the media database
  • Filtering of data by competitors, country market, business field, brand, product, period, instruments, and media. Further filters are possible as well.
  • Processing of data in graphics, diagrams and dynamic filtering functions (by country, target groups, product groups)
  • Generating of PowerPoint, PDF, Excel spreadsheets
  • Multilingualism
  • User model with individual view and edit rights

With the MARKETING AND CAMPAIGN PLANNER you are one step ahead of your competition!


Product features

The product suite MANAGEMENT MONITOR has the following features

The MANAGEMENT MONITOR represents a central and adaptable reporting platform for various reports. These can be issued as PDF or PowerPoint.
Analyze and evaluate data inyourcompany flexibly and combine different information sources as a basis for your strategic decisions.
Based on historic data you are able to create forecasts for the future.
From online survey to the evaluation we are able to provide everything from one hand and to facilitate your daily work. Even an automatic PowerPoint creation is possible.
Data Integration
You will be able to process various data for reports and evaluations.
Corporate Communication
Reports are accessible company-wide to all authorized person via the Intranet.With a differentiated rights management your knowledge database provides transparency and accessibility for all information company-wide. Information can be easily shared and edited by the teams.

Your benefits


Provides the following benefits for your planning
  • Centralized company-wide marketing calendar
  • Centralized administration of campaigns and additional information within the media data base
  • Monitoring and evaluation of actual/plan budget
  • Monitoring and evaluation of actual/plan KPI
  • Any KPIs can be defined
  • Workflow support for internal communication and coordination
  • Resubmissions
  • Graphical data and analyses processing for reports
  • Administration of media plans
  • Generating of PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel exports for your presentations
  • Currency function and currency translation of the budget for international campaigns
  • Multilingualism
  • User model with individual view and edit rights

Accumulation and archiving of competition campaigns and marketing and sales activities with filter possibilities

  • Countries and market segments
  • Product groups and products
  • Sales channels
  • Competitors
  • Brands
  • Marketing instruments/media
  • Target groups
  • Dates/Calendar
  • Centralized filing of competition campaign data within the media data base
  • Filtering of data by competitor, country market, business field, brand, product, period
  • Graphical processing of the data


  • Planning module for the own marketing and campaign planning
  • Calendar function for the coordination of the currently running campaigns
  • Workflow support for release processes (e.g. budget, campaigns) and to facilitate work (monitoring function)
  • Definition of standard packages for campaigns and activities for a secure planning
  • Assignment of responsibilities for individual campaigns
  • Budget monitoring with comparing plan/actual budget
  • Integration of mathematical functions for a segmental summation of budgets or a share of the total budgets for individual campaigns
  • Archiving of completed campaigns
  • Marketing controlling for monitoring of individual KPIs
  • Decentralized data input by different departments, also world-wide
  • Generating of standard reports
  • Ad-hoc reports for a dynamic analysis
  • Rights management: accurate setting of viewing and editing rights within the whole system
  • Multilingualism
  • Working with several currencies and currency translation

Here you will find additional information on the Marketing and Campaign Planning.



Customers reviews

Karsten Pillukeit,


"The COMPETITION RADAR has allowed us to map the complexity of the competitive environment with our custom made indicators and helps us to prepare the information relevant to our decisions."

Renier Francois van Lill,

Verbund AG