Knowing about the competition. Easy market and competition analysis with the COMPETITOR RADAR!

The COMPETITOR RADAR provides an overview of markets, competitors, competing products, the marketing mix and the distribution channel of your competitors. Compare your company with the competition and draw forward-looking conclusions for your own market cultivation and your strategic planning. Or compare competing products and the pricing, giving the sales department important advice for the sales talk or the department for development impulses for product innovations.


The COMPETITOR RADAR provides an overview of markets, competitors, competing products, distribution channels and customers for:

  • B2B companies
  • B2C companies
  • Service companies
  • Capital goods industry
  • International companies

The COMPETITOR RADAR facilitates and accelerates the market and competitor analysis. Market and competitor information can be collected from different sources and stored in a database automatically or manually. The results are displayed in clear market and competitor portraits, which can be used for strengths and weaknesses analysis or market potential analysis.


Any data fields and performance indicators can be added or adjusted to your specific information needs.


The COMPETITOR RADAR provides the following features

Especially international companies benefit from our

Competition analysis

With the COMPETITOR RADAR the following information about your worldwide competition can be made accessible:

  • Master data of competitors such as ownership structure, capital structure, management, etc.
  • Sales information about the competition: active markets, turnover/sales in the markets, product portfolio in the markets, representation on the markets, etc.
  • Marketing information: communication activities on active markets, distribution structure, price policy, contact to multiplicators.
  • Product information: strengths and weaknesses profiles of products, assortment policy, ratio new/old products, product innovations, innovation score
  • Service information: service rate in markets, service offerings in markets, etc.
  • Strategic information: expected marketing- and market cultivation strategy, reaction- and strategy profile of the competitor, strategic focus, observation of the strategy over time
  • Product information: manufacturing facility worldwide including technology, emission, suppliers, delivered markets, also cartographical presentation on maps
  • Pricing information: price per product/product segment on different price levels: manufacturer’s price, retail price, street price, price ranges, profit margin etc.
  • Geographical information: How large is the market share the competitor has achieved per country market and where are their facilitys located? How large is the market potential and how are each market segments developing? Cartographical representation of the information.

With this data you are able to conduct comprehensive analysis and comparison such as strengths and weaknesses analysis, potential analysis, positioning analysis, portfolio analysis, product comparison, pricing-analysis etc.


Market analysis

With the COMPETITOR RADAR the following information about your worldwide competition can be made accessible:

  • Master data of markets such as market potential, economical performance indicators
  • Structure and development data of markets: PESTL analysis for markets, maturity and innovation level of products in markets, market trends,analysis of the development of the market volume and the market segments over time (timeline-analysis) etc.
  • SWOT- analysis of the markets
  • Competition analysis per market


You can find additional information on our market analysis functions and market data.


Document management

Documents of each competition and market data field can be stored in different formats. Thus, you are able to save key figures of your competitors’ business report or survey reports from customer satisfaction figures for example, enabling staff access to original data. These sources are administered centrally in a document management system. Additionally to this internet or other sources can be managed.

Our COMPETITOR RADAR provides comprehensive possibilities for administration and searching of different source types.

The following source types can be managed:

  • Links on websites
  • Links to existing document management systems to avoid redundant sources
  • Administration of any files (pdf, doc, xls, ppt, jpg, etc.)
  • Text source i.e. declaration of a free text to save the name and issue of a journal as a source
  • Entering of rumours, weak signals, assumptions in the form of notes
  • Other sources

You have the possibility to store documents for every single competition field (i.e. catalogues, executive summaries, etc.) or for whole profiles. They will be managed in document management systems and will be accessible to your colleagues depending on access rights.

Especially the document search facilitates dealing with saved sources. With full-text search you are able to search in document names, the entire text and metadata and access the requested sources quickly. Furthermore different sorting options are available to provide an adequate overview for you.


By monitoring websites or news pages of competitors you are continuously informed about changes and news.
The required data fields will be tailored to the needs of your company. Based on this information you will be able to conduct comprehensive analysis and comparison such as strengths and weaknesses analysis, potential analysis, positioning analysis, portfolio analysis, product comparison, pricing analysis etc.

You can find additional information on the application of competition analysis.


Website monitoring

Easy web monitoring – observe continually latest modifying activities of your competitor’s websites.

Your possibilities with the website monitoring module:

  • Website monitoring of competitor’s websites
  • Direct comparison of stored versions
  • Modifications in competition websites are instantly visible through color highlighting
  • Freely configurable monitoring order
  • Each monitored website can be linked with a profile (direct connection between competitor database and monitoring)
  • Archiving of competition information creates a comprehensive competition archive
  • Early warning system: notification of changes

Product Features

The MANAGEMENT MONITOR represents a central and adaptable reporting platform for various reports. These can be issued as PDF or PowerPoint.
Analyze and evaluate data inyourcompany flexibly and combine different information sources as a basis for your strategic decisions.
Based on historic data you are able to create forecasts for the future.
From online survey to the evaluation we are able to provide everything from one hand and to facilitate your daily work. Even an automatic PowerPoint creation is possible.
Data Integration
You will be able to process various data for reports and evaluations.
Corporate Communication
Reports are accessible company-wide to all authorized person via the Intranet.With a differentiated rights management your knowledge database provides transparency and accessibility for all information company-wide. Information can be easily shared and edited by the teams.

Your benefits


  • Central competition database in the company
  • Joining data from different sources
  • Central administration of primary data in the document archive
  • Access from all corporate divisions
  • Ad-hoc analyses of competition information and market development
  • Competitor profiling by transparency of information
  • Strategy development and marketing plan
  • Internal and external benchmarking
  • Various functions of analysis for market analysis and competition analysis
  • Marketing controlling through observation of KPI
  • Early warning system through active alerts
  • Forecasting through prognosis function


Our Online Marketing Intelligence Suite includes

  • Dynamic adjustment of the data structure to your needs
  • Autonomous extension of data fields
  • Integration of news ticker for competition news
  • Differentiated right management for access rights (country manager, product manager, general management)
  • Management lights for a quick overview and early warning system
  • Top-lists for i.e. high-sales products
  • Multiple analysis options such as portfolio or SWOT analysis or support of Balanced Scorecard
  • Presentation of the results in dynamic charts, spreadsheets and diagrams
  • Data can be captured centrally by one department or decentrally by different staff members
  • Adjustment to your surface according to your CD
  • Web monitoring of competition websites or news pages
  • Can be hosted optionally in your company (Intranet) or at ours

A reduced cockpit allows distribution channels or the product management to view relevant competitive data and to optimize their own offers. Hence important information are managed centrally but can be used by all relevant divisions within the company.