The MANAGEMENT MONITOR is a Marketing Intelligence software platform


Via the browser you get a comprehensive overview of your market situation. You are able to navigate through markets, to perform market and customer analyses or to analyze competitors and competing products by strengths and weaknesses.
Internal and external benchmarking allows you to gain insights beyond your own borders. An Traffic-light status functionalities system supports you in understanding the current status in different market segments and serves as an early-warning system.

The MANAGEMENT MONITOR provides the following features:

Your company will benefit from

  • A holistic and centralized marketing data base
  • Multilingualism
  • A comprehensive rights management for a detailed coordination of access rights
  • Individual adaption of the software to your company structures
  • The analysis module for the Market and Competition analysis

The MANAGEMENT MONITOR provides an easy application which enables to react to current developments and trends within the company or market and to adjust your planning to.

With the integrated online survey tool you are able e.g. to conduct customer satisfaction surveys or image analyses continually to gain a permanent overview of your customer’s opinions. Of course you will also be able to apply the survey tool to interview your own sales force about the market developments!

The application can be implemented within the Intranet or optionally purchased as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in a renting model.



Features of the MANAGEMENT MONITOR suite

With the MANAGEMENT MONITOR you are able to create and develop individualized reports for the marketing analysis, planning and regularly reporting. By flexible query possibilities you will be able to find answers in the different fields such as the cost controlling, ABC analyses, time series analyses, portfolio analyses, market and competition analyses, etc..

The Marketing Intelligence Software MANAGEMENT MONITOR offers you many useful functions for your daily work.



The MANAGEMENT MONITOR represents a central and adaptable reporting platform for various reports. These can be issued as PDF or PowerPoint.
Analyze and evaluate data inyourcompany flexibly and combine different information sources as a basis for your strategic decisions.
Based on historic data you are able to create forecasts for the future.
From online survey to the evaluation we are able to provide everything from one hand and to facilitate your daily work. Even an automatic PowerPoint creation is possible.
Data Integration
You will be able to process various data for reports and evaluations.
Corporate Communication
Reports are accessible company-wide to all authorized person via the Intranet.With a differentiated rights management your knowledge database provides transparency and accessibility for all information company-wide. Information can be easily shared and edited by the teams.

Your benefits


  • Individualization
  • Quick implementation
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Modularly adjustable
  • Dynamic rights concept
  • Multilingual
  • Internationally applicable
  • Currency function and currency translation
  • Easy operating via the browser
  • Revision-secure by historization
  • Workflow support
  • Operation in your intranet or optionally as Software-as-a-Service with us


Our online Marketing Intelligence Suite includes

  • Branch-specific data structure for accumulation of market, competitor and customer data
  • Workflow support in accumulation of data up to standardized survey models
  • A communication module for distribution of the most important insights within your company
  • Evaluations and analyses of your marketing data
  • Visualization of information in dynamic charts
  • A Worldwide real-time access to your database
  • Multilingualism for reports and data recording
  • Differentiated rights management for viewing and editing rights
  • Easy usage and implementation of the system into your working environment